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The grand jury in Darren Wilson‘s trial for Michael Brown‘s shooting death isn’t looking very diverse.

Darren will be going before a jury that’s made up of six white man,three white women, two black men and one black woman. That works out to being a jury that is 75 percent white (and 50 percent white male specifically).

This might raise red flags for Michael’s supporters, however, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch also points out that the racial makeup of St. Louis is 68 percent white and 24 percent black.

It also interesting to notice that none of the jurors are Latino or Asian. The racial makeup is very black and white (no pun intended). It’s probably best not to assume, though, that the jurors will vote along color lines because there have been many people marching Michael’s family.

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The grand jury was selected back in May, well before Darren ever shot the unarmed teen during an altercation. According to the St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch, this particular jury’s term would have been up next month; with the officer’s trial coming up, it’s likely that their term will be extended because the trial could last into October.

The big question hanging over the jury is whether or not Darren was acting reasonably when he shot Michael. This really seems to hinge on how their encounter went, but there have been conflicting reports.

One witness that was walking with Michael when he died claims that the college bound teen was attempting to surrender when he was gunned down in the street.

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“If he was trying to surrender and the police officer knew he was unarmed–or even if he was armed, if he was trying to surrender,” Washington University School of Law criminal expert Peter Joy told, “then at least the police should tell him to unarm himself or have him stay there with his hands up and call for backup.”

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However, Darren’s friend claims that Michael charged him and tried to take his gun, which would support claims that the cop was acting in self-defense. If that’s how things really went down, Peter said, “it could support the position that the officer was in fear for his safety and the safety of the community when he shot and killed Mr. Brown.”

Still wondering whether or not Darren was acting reasonably is a bit biased because this question does tend to favor authorities in situations like these.

It looks like Darren will have more than enough money to pay for his legal fees because a GoFundMe campaign supporting him has raised more than $200,000.


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