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The police say the officer shot Brown after the teen shoved the officer and tried to wrestle the officer’s gun from him. But a number of witnesses, including Johnson, refute those claims.

There are at least five alleged eye witnesses to Michael Brown’s tragic murder at the hands of Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. All of them have come forward. One of them, Dorian Johnson, is Brown’s friend and was with him at the time of the shooting. Another, Tiffany Mitchell, was picking up an employee in a nearby apartment complex. Another woman, Piaget Crenshaw is the woman Mitchell was picking up. One man, Emmanuel Freeman, was inside his apartment nearby and another was standing outside. The two women know each other, however, everyone else doesn’t and their chilling stories match. Surprise!

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According to Dorian Johnson:

“I saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” said Johnson. “Then I saw the fire come out of the barrel.” The 22-year-old friend of Brown said Officer Wilson told him and Brown to “get the f*ck onto the sidewalk,” and then things quickly escalated. After telling the officer they were only a few minutes away from where they were going, Wilson opened his door, only to have it closed on him after it slammed into Brown’s body.

Johnson claims that Wilson pulled Brown through the car window by his neck, and Brown began to try to pull away. Johnson said that Wilson shot Brown during the scuffle, and Brown managed to break away from Wilson’s grip. Brown and Johnson then began to run away from the police vehicle.

Johnson said that Wilson got out of his car and began to shoot at Brown while Brown was running away. Brown then stopped, put his hands in the air, turned around and pleaded with the officer to stop shooting, since he didn’t have a gun.  Johnson said that Wilson continued to fire several more shots before Brown’s body fell to the ground, motionless.

According to Emmanuel Freeman:

Emmanuel was at home in his apartment in Ferguson when he heard gunshots outside his window. He tweeted that there were two clear shots and then a barrage of them, which is consistent to the amount of gunshots that were fired at Brown, according to his autopsy. When he looked to see what was going on, he realized he was watching Mike Brown die and he tweeted:

Freeman even tweeted a photo of Brown’s lifeless body. When another Twitter user asked if Brown was running or in a car, Freeman explained that Brown was running and shot for no reason. The photo and the collection of tweets with timestamps is enough evidence (in my humble opinion) to put Officer Wilson away, but we will see.

According to Tiffany Mitchell:

Tiffany was picking up an employee, Piaget Crenshaw in Ferguson. She’s not from the area and doesn’t know Mike Brown or his friend, Dorian Johnson. She told MSNBC that she was driving when she spotted Brown and Wilson wrestling through the car window. She said, “Brown was pushing, trying to get away from the officer and the officer was trying to pull him in.”

She then claimed a shot was fired and she saw Brown break away and run down the street away from the officer’s car. She said that Wilson exited the vehicle and ran after Brown, shooting the whole time he ran. “Michael’s body jerked as if he were hit,” Mitchell said. “Then he turns around and put his hands up, and the officer continued to walk up on him and shoot him, until he goes all the way down to the ground.”

According to Piaget Crenshaw:

Piaget was on her balcony, waiting to be picked up by Tiffany Mitchell when she spotted Brown running from Wilson. “I witnessed the police chase after the guy—full force,” Crenshaw told local news reporters in Ferguson. “[Brown] put his arm up to let them know that he was compliant and that he was unarmed, and they shot him twice more, and he fell to the ground and died.”

Crenshaw also claimed that Brow turned to Wilson to plead for him not to shoot, but Wilson shot him anyway. “He didn’t have no weapon on him at all,” Piaget claimed. “They killed this boy for no reason, and there should be justice about this.”

According to a man who spoke with Mike Brown before he went to the store:

This man preferred to be anonymous and told Fox2 News that he’d seen Brown and spoke with him before Brown went to the convenient store. The man claims Brown felt “bad vibes” and that the “Lord Jesus Christ” would help him get through it. The man said that Brown told him they would finish their conversation after he returned from the store.

After about 20 minutes, the man claims to have heard shots and saw Brown (at the time, he didn’t realize it was him) staggering and running. The man said that Brown put his hands up and started screaming, “OK! OK! OK! OK! OK!” The witness claims that Wilson didn’t tell Brown to get on the ground or anything, he just shot him.

The man guessed that Wilson shot Brown six or seven times after he turned around to seemingly surrender, which is very consistent with everyone else’s account of what went down.

According to all of these witnesses, the officer was the aggressor for no apparent reason and hunted Brown down like an animal, shooting to kill. The heartbreaking stories will hopefully be enough in the court of law to convict Darren Wilson. Justice must be served.


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