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UPDATED: Aug. 21, 2014 @ 9:34 p.m.

Darren Wilson‘s fellow officers aren’t the only ones backing him. As protests continue in Ferguson over Michael Brown‘s death, more people are coming out of the woodwork to throw their support behind Darren.

Some people, who believe Darren was justified in gunning down the unarmed teen, have even started a GoFundMe campaign that’s really been catching on. A group of users from Missouri who collectively identify themselves as Stand Up, launched the “Support Officer Darren Wilson” campaign on Sunday, and it’s since earned more than $164,000 towards its $200,000 goal (as of press time). It’s raised more than $30,000 today alone.

The donations have poured in from 4,084 people so far–some of whom have given as much as $200. at least one supporter has taken the opportunity to turn this effort into a joke. One benefactor created a fake account and donated as Justin Bieber.

Those that haven’t shelled out some cash for Darren put their money where their mouths are by hitting the streets in support of him. Some even sold pro-Darren t-shirts at a rally this Sunday, and the shirts sold out.

According to The Huffington Post, one Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan named Frank Ancona does not support this push to support Darren because he believes it’s a scam. However he said that his branch of the KKK might make their own effort to back the disgraced officer.

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Authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, might be one step closer to convicting Darren Wilson after Michael Brown‘s shooting death this month.

ABC News announced today that investigators spoke with the disgraced cop as the case moves forward.

Many people are wondering why Darren hasn’t been arrested yet, but U.S. Attorney Richard G. Callahan told that the investigation is going surprisingly well.

Detectives have probed the area where the shooting occurred and they’re sharing their findings with St. Louis County investigators. It’s likely that’s all the public will find out about the investigation until the case is brought before a grand jury.

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Although the wheels of justice may seem to be spinning slowly, Richard said this is about as fast as agents can go for now.

“The modern 24-hour news cycle hampers law enforcement’s ability to conduct a successful investigation,” he said.

“While the lack of details surrounding the shooting may frustrate the media and breed suspicion among those already distrustful of the system, those closely guarded details give law enforcement the best yardsticks for measuring whether witnesses are truthful,” he added. “Without those yardsticks, an investigation becomes more of a guessing game or popularity contest than a search for the truth.”

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Darren spoke with authorities as support continued to build behind the Missouri cop, who friends insist is not a bad person. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson told reporters during a press conference, “He was a gentleman. He was a quiet officer. He has been an excellent officer for the police department.”


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