Mimi Dumps Nikko On The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Finale

The season finale of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” aired last night and you’ll be glad to know that Mimi Faust finally dumped her no-good, opportunist boyfriend Nikko. It only took a full season of lies and manipulation for her to figure it out. Sigh. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Mimi found out that Nikko may have set up their sex tape and leaked the footage himself. Well duh!

Mimi finally chucked Nikko the dueces after walking in on his studio session where he was recording his pitiful song “Shower Rod.” While Mimi and Nikko ended their relationship, Mimi and Stevie had a breakthrough in theirs. Stevie finally apologized for all he put her through and wiped her tears as she cried.

Stevie had his own issues to tackle. He confessed to Benzino that he had slept with Althea. Even though Benzino already knew, he accepted it and revealed information to Stevie about Joseline’s alleged infidelities. Stevie attempted to confront Joseline, btu she had already gotten the heads up from Karlie Redd.

With all the ratchetry in the episode, VH1 topped off the finale with a single from Momma Dee. Yes, it is as bad as you think!

In related news, VH1 aired a clip from the forthcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop LA” featuring Soulja Boy, Omarion and Ray J and it looks juicy! Find out what Ray J had to say about his role on the cast, here.

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