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Darren Wilson was named as the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old unarmed teen, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Since his name has been released to the public, the six-year police veteran has been a topic of many passionate conversations, most of them in dismay of the overzealous officer.

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The son of a mother with an extensive criminal past (serial con artist/fraud), Wilson decided against his criminally-saturated upbringing to become a police officer. That decision would be the one that changed the course of his entire life. Now under severe scrutiny (mostly by Mike Brown supporters than actual authorities), Wilson will hopefully be facing murder charges for the death of Mike Brown.

There’s not much that we know about Officer Wilson, but here’s a few facts we’ve been able to gather:

1. He Lives In A Predominantly White Neighborhood

Ferguson, Missouri is a predominantly Black city, despite the racial controversy that’s currently surrounding it after Mike Brown’s death. 64.9 percent of Ferguson’s population is Black. The town Wilson lives in, Crestwood is a shocking 1.3 percent Black. I’m not implying that Wilson is prejudiced, but he does prefer to live a full town over from where he works, most likely because it’s less Black people.

2. He’s An Award-Winning Officer

Six months before shooting Brown, Wilson received a commendation for his “extraordinary effort in the line of duty.” This image shows Wilson shaking hands and receiving the commendation from Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. In the second photo, Wilson smiles as he returns to his seat with his honor.

3. He Fled Town Days After Murdering Mike Brown

USA Today reporters visited Wilson’s home in Crestwood and an officer stationed out front of his home told them that “Wilson and his family left days ago.” So far, there have been no charges placed against Wilson, therefore, he’s free to leave town. And this is a special case in that Wilson needs protection from the angry public, so the authorities are taking proper precaution. We hope they’re keeping him safe so that he can be brought to trial.

4. Allegedly, Wilson Has A Violent History As An Officer

CNN’s Don Lemon visited Ferguson last week and spoke with a young woman who claimed to have had a violent encounter with Officer Wilson. The woman alleges that Wilson mistreated her, maced her and threatened her with an arrest. “I looked at his nametag and I was telling myself that I’d never forget who he was and what he did to me,” she explains. When she saw his name in the news this morning, the young woman says she knew exactly who Darren Wilson was.

5. He’s Got Overwhelming Support

Over 100 people rallied in support of Officer Wilson and there’s even a Facebook page up in his honor that was created over the weekend. In just over 24 hours, it has grown to more than 14K likes! At the rally, people carried posters saying, “Support out police! Pray for peace” and buckets were pass around to collect donations for Wilson and his family toward legal fees and any other “financial needs” they may have. This fundraiser is in addition to a campaign supporters have started. It’s being reported that Wilson has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the multiple investigations of the shooting.

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