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Lil’ Kim may be out on maternity leave, but she has more on her mind than just diapers. The pint-size rappers wants Nicki Minaj’s attention and she is stopping at nothing to get it. Yesterday, the original Queen Bee unleashed a verbal assault on Nicki after Nicki and Beyonce dropped the “Flawless Remix.” Kim didn’t waste any time when she hopped on the diss track.  “Am I tripping or did this h*e just say my name?,” she rapped (even though it’s pretty clear Nicki’s “Queen Bey” reference was about Beyonce).

The veteran rapper continued to throw shots today by way of a new track “Identity Theft,” and from the looks of the cover art alone (pictured above), she’s out for blood. The hook sucks on this new effort but, this is Kim’s best lyrical attempt since “Black Friday.”

“It’s looking like I’m headed back behind bars again ’cause b*tches want to start again and I ain’t wit’ the arguing / I’m jet chartering, fresh cardigan, gettin’ my Martha in, while these broke hos borrowing,” she raps. “Anything you try to do, I done did it … The Queen’s back, bitches come get it.”

Nicki dubbed herself the “Queen of rap” earlier this year and continues to boast the moniker. Kim is coming for her crown, do you think she can win it back?


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