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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is stepping up to the challenge set by First Lady Michelle Obama to get homeless veterans off the street!

While speaking to a crowd gathered at the Unite for Veterans Summit, Michelle said that people who have served the country should never have to worry about having a roof over their heads

“The image of even one of these heroes sleeping out in the cold, huddled up next to an overpass–that should horrify all of us,” Michelle stated, according to the Los Angeles Times. “That’s not who we are. And the truth is, we know that there are simple steps that we can take–whether that’s in business or government or in our communities–to prevent and solve these kinds of problems.”

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At 6,300, Los Angeles County has the highest number of homeless vets of any area in the county. However, the Obama administration wants to ensure that every veteran can have a home of their own after risking their lives for the United States.

As part of the effort, Michelle challenged Los Angeles to find homes for every homeless vet by the end of 2015. That’s only 17 months, but Mayor Eric is on board to achieve that ambitious goal. He announced his plan to end veteran homelessness in L.A.

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This is just the most recent city to answer the call from the Obama administration. Both Phoenix and Salt Lake City report that there are no past or present soldiers on the streets in their cities.

Even though the campaign has been a bit slow-moving, the administration has made significant strides in this effort. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, veteran homelessness has been reduced 24 percent nationwide since 2010.


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