Wendy Williams Goes In On Kanye

Wendy Williams is so over the KimYe and we can’t say we don’t blame her. Wendy blasted Kanye on “Hot Topics” after ‘Ye went on a rant in GQ Magazine about celebrities being able to raise their children normally. Well, Wendy had a few suggestions.

“How ‘bout if you spent more time with your daughter at home, with your wife, doing normal people things, your daughter might grow up with a normal life,” she said. “But the fact that she’s got you as a father… all bets are off,” she added. “I just want to see your daughter smile for one.”

Wendy went on the criticize ‘Ye’s quote about Kim Kardashian being the greatest thing since dinosaurs. It’s pretty funny!

In related news, Wendy and NeNe got into a one-sided Twitter beef when NeNe attacked Wendy for asking her audience what they thought about NeNe’s defaced Birkin bag.

Wendy’s outspoken attitude is what makes her the most entertaining daytime talk show host. We live for it…

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