Lil Scrappy Accuses Nickelodeon Suites Of Being Racist


“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star (and womanizer) Lil Scrappy went cray when his daughter Emani, and other Black children, were repeatedly skipped over during a contest at Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, claiming the staff was racist, TMZ reports.

Scrappy can be heard yelling at the staff, saying: “You need to pick my daughter.  This is some racist ass s**t.” Scrappy charged the stage with Momma Dee in tow.

Emani appeared totally embarrassed and eventually pushed her dad off stage. This isn’t the first time Scrappy has cried racism. In March, he accused a salon owner of racism after the owner refused to serve his family because they’re black. Scrappy claimed the owner used the term “you people.”

Sigh. Racism is having the best year ever.

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