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Tom Greer, 80-year-old man in Long Beach fatally shot a woman who claimed she was pregnant after Greer discovered said woman with a man is his home, ransacking his safe. Once the intruders saw Greer, they threw him to the ground. “When I went in there, they tackled me,” Greer told NBC4 Wednesday. “Both of them jumped up on top of me.”

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The intruders had no idea Greer had gotten his .22-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver and once they spotted it, they ran. The man escaped, but the woman fell after being struck by Greer’s gunfire in an alley behind his home. So instead of letting his intruders go (which honestly, not many armed homeowners would), Greer chased them down. This may not hold up in court, as Greer became the aggressor. These people broke into his home, so he definitely has a right for self-defense, but to chase them down, is overkill. And if you think that’s bad, check out what happened next:

“She says, ‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ And I shot her anyway,” Greer said. When asked what he saw happen to the woman after he fired shots, Greer responded: “She was dead. I shot her twice, she best be dead … (The man) had run off and left her. I’ve never in my life shot anybody, killed anybody.”

Well it certainly seems as if he had no hesitation is shooting the pregnant woman who broke into his home. Even if you’re enraged that these people were stealing from you, it seems your humanity would kick in a little bit once the crying woman (who was already shot) pleaded for her life and the life of her unborn child. Greer chose to shoot a person who was trying to get away, so it’s clear that he wasn’t in imminent danger himself and the law says you can’t shoot somebody under those circumstances. There is no Stand Your Ground here. He stood his ground by pulling out his gun and the intruders fled.

This is a sticky situation, beauties. While I see the logic in Greer chasing the intruders, I’m torn on why he took her life. Greer said, “I shot her so that’s going to leave a message on his mind for the rest of his life.” Message received: Humanity is flailing.

Long Beach police said they were investigating the incident. It was not immediately clear whether any charges would be filed against Greer for the shooting.

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