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Plans for the next Best Man movie are quickly moving forward, and we’ve got a few ideas for what should be in it!

The Best Man Holiday was such a huge hit that it pulled it pulled in $70.5 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s more than double what the first film made in 1999 ($35.1 million, BTW). Numbers like that made it a no-brainer for Universal Pictures, which is bringing the cast back together one more time.

The studio has just announced that The Best Man Wedding is slated to hit theaters on April 15, 2016. We can’t wait to see Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Morris Chestnut, Monica Calhoun, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall together again.

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That gives Universal Studios and director Malcolm D. Lee a little over a year to come up with a plot for The Best Man Wedding. Best Man Holiday conveniently left off on the surprising cliffhanger that Quentin was ready to turn in his player card and settle down.

When #TeamBeautiful caught up with Sanaa at the Essence Festival in New Orleans this year, she told us that she’d really like to see her character Robin break out on her own-minus Harper and her baby bump.

“I would have her definitely not pregnant; that’s all I know!”Sanaa said with a laugh. “And I want her to have some fun; she’s always focused on Harper. I’d like to see her have some kind of journey that she goes through that’s not about him.”

Sanaa wouldn’t want Robin to totally leave Harper behind, but she wants Robin to establish her own identity. “I mean even though that’s her man, she loves him and supports him, she’s not defined by him. You know?” she explained.

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If we had it our way, there are three things #TeamBeautiful would really love to see happen:

1. Lance Explains His Youngest Children

Lance and Mia have a beautiful family! We couldn’t have been the only ones that were curious about those youngest two kids, though. How amazing would it be for Mia to pop back up in flashbacks explaining why their youngest kids look so..different? Of course we know that black parents can have kids of any complexion, but there was something else about those babies that we couldn’t quite put a finger on.

We were excited to see how everyone came together for The Best Man Holiday. The story was really compelling, but the paternity of Lance’s youngest children was an elephant in the room. It made for great speculation while talking about the movie with friends, but we’re dying to know the real tea.

2. Shelby Feeling All Of The Emotions

Shelby has kind of been the evil queen for the Best Man series. She was a demanding diva in the original, and she was still up to her usual tricks for the sequel. Despite continuing to carry a torch for her former love Julian, she wound up in bed with Quentin at the end of Best Man Holiday again.

Quentin and Shelby together is always hilarious because she’s completely unfazed by him. Possibly because he’s the male version of her. It would be interesting to see how their love/hate relationship plays out now that he’ll be off the market. This is assuming, of course, that Shelby is not the bride. Full disclosure: Some members of #TeamBeautiful are secretly hoping that she is!

If Shelby’s not the one that locked Quentin down, we want to see how she’ll handle losing him as an option. Will she reassess her own behavior and the way she’s treated people? Will she get jealous? Who knows, but we hope to find out in 2016.

3. Jordan Has A Baby With Harper!

Jordan and Harper have had unfinished business for years ever since their night of passion in college was derailed by a skipping Stevie Wonder album. Think about how explosive the drama would be if they had an affair, and she wound up pregnant.

It’s triflin’ (we know), but that “you’re the father moment” would be legendary! Jordan would be married to Brian, but when the baby comes out black, the sparks will fly. And we’ll be right there with a huge bucket of popcorn to take it all in.

This would actually kind of fit in with Sanaa’s desire to see Robin go on her own journey. Maybe she could have to find a way to forgive Harper and decided whether she wants to leave him now that she knows he slept with Jordan behind her back.

These are just some of our thoughts, but what would you want to see in Best Man Wedding, beauties?


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