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The June revision to Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground Law won’t be able to help Marissa Alexander.

It was decided last Friday that the Florida woman would not be shielded from prosecution under the updated law, which permits people to fire warning shots as a threat to use deadly force in situations where they believe themselves to be in imminent danger. The bill was partially inspired by Melissa’s case, where shooting a bullet near her abusive husband during a domestic incident. reports that Circuit judge James H. Daniel denied Marissa’s request for immunity because the bill “cannot be applied retroactively.”

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Marissa’s team doesn’t seem to be giving up. A statement released after the decision was handed down makes it seem as though they will make another attempt to obtain immunity from prosecution. They may just be exploring other

“We’ve received Judge Daniels’ order and are in the process of reviewing his decision,” Marissa’s attorney, Buddy Schulz, said in a statement. “We deeply appreciate the time and thought that Judge Daniel continues to give to the numerous complex and difficult issues in Marissa’s case.”

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This news comes just as the trial in Renisha McBride‘s death got underway in Michigan. Opening statements were heard today as Renisha’s mother took the stand.

Coincidently, Michigan does a have a Stand Your Ground Law. Renisha’s murderer Thomas Wafer claims he shot her in self-defense when she came onto his porch back in November 2013. HLN reports that Thomas’ legal team has not made any indication about whether they plan to use it in their defense.


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