Master P Apologizes To His Wife

Master P isn’t used to being a “hot topic” but found himself in headlines when his estranged wife accused him of kidnapping their children. Master P demanded she take a drug test which only added fuel to the fire. After weeks of silence, and losing his children after failing to show up to court, Master P opened up to Wendy Williams about what exactly is going on in his life.

“Well I think, people got to realize in a relationship, you know, things happen. People grow together, they grow apart. My whole thing is, I’m not mad at her, you know, I love her, she’s my kids mother and we got to take care of our kids forever,” he said. “I think what people got to realize is when lawyers come into the play and you got lawyers that don’t know your business, don’t know where you come from they play a big effect and I want to apologize to her, you know, to be honest with you because I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect. I’m at a good stage in my life right now, you know, that I don’t have a right to say whatever she need to do. That was just me, kind of like, getting back if somebody say this about you and you knowing I’ve been taking care of somebody for 20 some years, it kinda hurt a little bit but so at the same time I feel like my life is about my kids, it’s about our kids. Whether we never be together, she’s gonna do whatever she needs to do, but we got to take care of our kids.”

In other Master P news, you can add his biopic trilogy “The Ice Cream Man,” “TRU” and “No Limit The Empire” on to the list of biopics announced this year. Filming for “Ice Cream Man” will begin in 2015. For some reason, we have a feeling it’s going to be very reminiscent of “I Got The Hook Up.”


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