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T.I. and Floyd Mayweather’s Fatburger fight seems to have turned into a messy little love triangle with Tameka “Tiny” Harris at the center of it all. Speculation about an affair was on the rise, but the boxing champion cleared rumors up when he publicly announced he in fact did have sex with Tiny. Don’t believe him? Here’s five reasons why you should:

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1. T.I. attacked Floyd Mayweather at Fatburger

Since when do rappers from Bankhead start attacking boxing champions at burger joints? This was the first, yet obvious indication something was going on between Tiny and Mayweather. Enough so T.I. decided to take matters into his own hands.

It was reported T.I. started the fight because of a photo taken with Tiny. Uh, that’s weird. Why would someone who has been in jail numerous times, assault another celebrity for taking a photo with their wife. Unless, the man in the photo hit and then took an IG pic with her – that changes things a bit.

2. Floyd and Tiny’s awkward encounter at the BET Awards

Fast forwarding to the BET Awards, Floyd tries to get Tiny’s attention on the red carpet, and not with a simple “Ayo, Tiny.” He tried to grab her arm. But, here’s the kicker: Tiny acts like he doesn’t even exist. The encounter was beyond suspicious and awkward, especially because Floyd was with his “girlfriend.” It was one of those moments when you run into a dude you had a one night stand with a year ago and he’s all like “Heyyy,” and you’re like, “Sorry, do I know you?” Yeah, Tiny played it off quite well.

Read the other 3 reasons why we believe Tiny and Floyd Mayweather definitely got it poppin’ right here.

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