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Jada, the 16-year-old whose rape went viral on social media, appeared on “The View” today only to suffer through an awkward interview.

The interview was hard to watch as viewers could tell that Jada was as nervous as the hosts, who weren’t quite sure how to speak to her. Stuck somewhere between trying to empathize with Jada and seriously report on her story, the ladies of “The View” fumbled a few times.

After tripping over the name of Jada’s pastor, Quannell X, Jenny McCarthy started off the questions by asking Jada how she wound up the victim of a devastating sexual assualt. It’s been reported that Jada was raped after having a drink that caused her to pass out.

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From the details Jada recounted on “The View” today, she didn’t want to drink at first because hers was too strong. She eventually gave into peer pressure and downed the beverage, which had been taken out of her sight and tampered with. The Houston teen doesn’t remember anything that happened next.

Guest host Meghan McCain got some details of the immediate aftermath wrong, so Jada had to explain what actually happened to her the next morning. The teen recalled that she noticed her underpants were on backwards. When she asked a friend what happened, she was told that she vomited on herself.

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Jada was visibly uncomfortable as she avoided prolonged eye contact, but she shared that it is her desire to see her assailants brough to justice and sent to prison. She bravely the answered the questions as her mother, Sukiedia, fought to hold back tears in the audience.

Jada’s rapists wouldn’t just be going to jail for sexually assaulting her, though. Quannell claimed on “The View” that the boys who did this to Jada have similarly tried to humiliate their other victims

Unfortunately, Sukiedia, knows that her daughter’s case is not unique. “It’s been happening to so many ladies around the world,” she recently told MSNBC, adding that Jada hopes to be an example of how to push past the shame and stand strong. “And the fact that [Jada’s] body was shown on live television, she wanted to make a difference so that other young ladies can come forth and say what’s actually going on.”


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