One Houston burglar got more than he bargained he bargained for when he broke into one senior citizen’s house.

Lillie McClendon told KTRK-TV that she fought off a robber on Sunday by giving him a stern-talking to and beating him with a stick. She recalls that she noticed an open window after she got out of the shower and put some clothes in the laundry.

The homeowner saw that something was off about her home moments before she came face-to-face with the thief. “I couldn’t see his face, just his eyes like that. All he was asking about was, ‘Where’s the money at? Where’s the money at?’” Lillie recalled. Instead of letting the tough talk scare her, she reprimanded him for his behavior. “I told him, I said, ‘What kind of momma you got that raised you up like this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself,’”

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The intruder totally ignored the admonishments and continued to demand that Lillie hand over her cash. Then he began choking her, and that’s when her words turned into action! If Lillie was going to go down, she wasn’t doing it without a fight.

“I got a stick and tried to hit him,” she told KTRK. “I had sausage on the stove. I put hot water on him.”

Lillie suffered some injury, but her attack was enough to get the would-be robber to leave her home.


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