One little girl saved her neighbor from being wrongly punished for a crime he didn’t commit.

It would have been the perfect crime had it not been for a Washington 4-year-old named Abby.

My Fox Detroit reports that the child’s 17-year-old babysitter hatched a plot to rob Abby’s home while her parents were away. The caregiver brought her 16-year-old boyfriend and one of their friends into the house while staging a fake break-in.

“They told us to get out of the house ’cause they wanted to steal stuff,” Abby told reporters. “The bad guys stole my kitty bank, they stole my iPod.” She remembers the whole thing as “the worst day of my life.”

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The babysitter then told police that two armed black men had robbed the house, stating that one of them looked like Abby’s neighbor, Coady Oaks. Due to her accusation, authorities arrested Cody! Despite telling police that he hadn’t been in the home, police kept him in custody and questioned him for hours.

When cops talked to Abby, she cleared Cody’s name. According to, Sherriff Bill Elfo revealed that Abby told authorities the robbers had “peach-colored skin as opposed to having dark colored skin.” Police then confronted the babysitter, and her whole story crumbled. The sherriff said the would-be mastermind confessed to the scheme “almost immediately.”

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The stolen property was returned, and Abby has not been shy about her hand in the matter. She thinks her family got their stuff back “because of me being the superhero.” All three of the actual thieves have been arrested and Cody was released.

We’re glad that Cody has been cleared, but it’s upsetting that the immediate cover was to blame a black man. Furthermore, the fact that he was interrogated before a child had to point out that the robbers were white is infuriating. We thought that the saying was “innocent until proven guilty,” but that would make too much sense.


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