Lady Gaga & R. Kelly’s “Do What U Want” Video Is Seriously Creepy

We’re fans of Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s song “Do What U Want,” but the visuals to the upbeat jam are just plain horrible and we’re not the only ones who think so…apparently, the entire video was scrapped (and it’s pretty clear why).

R. Kelly is a doctor and Gaga is his patient. If that wasn’t yucky enough, Gaga is laying on the operating table while R. Kelly fondles under the cloth covering her naked body. “How’s that feel?,” he asks and Gaga moans.

“The medicine started to kick in,” he adds and Gaga lays back, under anesthesia (we think) and the party begins while she is asleep…because, duh, you can do what you want with her body. Pretty rapey.

To take things to an even creepier level, famed photographer Terry Richardson was shooting the she-bang. Richardson is facing sexual predator allegations and if you aren’t familiar with R. Kelly, he is an alleged child rapist.

Long sigh. Sometimes you just wonder what goes through some people’s mind…

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