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This all started when my Editorial Director, Leigh Davenport shared a story about when she complimented an exceptionally beautiful woman at a party and received the type of reaction that would have been appropriate after an insult. The beautiful girl scolded Leigh about her snarky delivery and went on for the remainder of the night to express what can only be affectionately named, “Pretty Girl Problems.”

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You know these problems–men don’t approach me, no one takes me seriously, or my favorite–I am more than just my looks. While many of these pretty girls certainly have a point in sharing their laments, that doesn’t negate that nine times out of 10, we’re not here for their complaints. Check out the rest of the things no one wants to hear pretty girls say, ever.


1. I Only Have Guy Friends

Pretty girls don’t hang out with girls because we’re too busy hating on how beautiful they are. So they’re forced to hang out with men…your boyfriend, your brother, your dad–doesn’t matter. As long as he’s got a penis, he’s her friend.


2. I’m Smart Too

We get it, pretty isn’t only pretty. Sometimes, pretty girls are also smart. It’s very rare, but it happens.

 3. People Think I Don’t Have Feelings

Maybe it’s because pretty girls have permanent b*tch face that people think they don’t have feelings. Or maybe it’s because pretty people often disregard people’s feelings because they’re too busy being pretty.

4. I Have A Hard Time Meeting Guys

Guys are intimidated by beauty. Many of us would think that they’re turned on by it–well they are. But there is a such thing as being TOO pretty and men don’t want to approach the women who are way out of their league.

5. I Don’t Have Many Girlfriends

Girls be hating. We don’t know how to be friends with girls who are better looking than us, because…reasons.

6. Being A Model Is Hard

Most pretty women are models. And we all know how hard it is to stand there and pose and not eat and pose some more.

7. Pretty Hurts

Ouch. Can’t you see how painful it is to be this pretty.

8. Chris Brown? Oh Yeah, We Dated…

Pretty girls always have close personal relationships with celebrities. If I ever hear any more of them claiming to have dated a celebrity, I am going to scream!

9. Guys Are Intimidated By Me

Men are afraid of pretty girls and that’s the law. I mean, their looks are so paralyzing, it makes it hard to live.

10. OMG I’m So Hungry!

Pretty girls don’t eat. They’ve got to maintain their abs.


11. Why Did God Give Me This Talent?

Beyonce said this specifically and the world said, “Shutup.”

12. No One Takes Me Seriously

You’re pretty, we just want to look at you. Case in point: Stacey Dash.

13. I Can’t Eat That By Myself, Let’s Split It

Pretty girls always have a diet to maintain and when they want to have a cheat meal or day, they want to share it with their friends.


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