self esteem

After obsessing over my weight and every bodily flaw, I realized I have body dysmorphia and negative comments from family members don't help.

I plan to take back my power and will resist leaving it within the confines of people, places and spaces that are out of my control.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, The Birth Of A Nation star admits she used to curl her lips and press her lips together in attempts to minimize her Blackness.

Not only do you teach people how to treat you, you can teach them how to speak to you, too. One of the best lessons I could have ever learned from the women in my family is how to be a lady. That included having a respectful discourse with just about everyone. At the end […]

Olivia Allen, not yet even a middle schooler, is spreading her #blackgirlmagic all over her neighborhood as a budding philanthropist and role model for her peers.

Amber Rose broke the internet when she started sharing unbelievably sexy photos of herself on vacation with BFF Blac Chyna in Miami. The photos were enticing, racy and honestly, beautiful. And while the internet erupted in cheers and boos for the mother of one’s displaying of her body, it was the above meme, placing her […]

Tiny loves herself just as much as she ever did, despite what most people assume about her recent decision to change her eye color. Getting a nip here or a tuck there isn’t a huge deal these days because plastic surgery has become a somewhat acceptable reality among adults. If you’re not happy with an […]

This all started when my Editorial Director, Leigh Davenport shared a story about when she complimented an exceptionally beautiful woman at a party and received the type of reaction that would have been appropriate after an insult. The beautiful girl scolded Leigh about her snarky delivery and went on for the remainder of the night […]

This is pretty much the most perfect thing I’ve seen all day. Plus size blogger, Gabi Gregg of, plus model, Tess Munster and model/blogger, Nadia Aboulhosn teamed up to create their own version of Beyonce’s quotable track, “Flawless.” As the video’s creator, Gabi wanted to provide a visual for the plus size women of […]

We’re all for Dove’s feel-good ad campaigns, but they’re starting to take it too far with trying to play into our emotions. In the beauty brand’s latest ad campaign, “Patches”  a researcher tells women  that they’re going to try a new patch that will make them feel more beautiful and increase their self-esteem. The women place the patches on […]