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 Jay Z’s Infidelities Exposed?

When Solange viciously attacked Jay Z in the elevator following the MET Gala, we concluded two things: Jay obviously did something so disrespectful it warranted an a** beating and whatever it was, Beyonce clearly didn’t break it up because he deserved to be pummeled. We think we finally know what happened…

Over the last few weeks, several rumors have hit the Internet that expose Beyonce’s husband as promiscuous. Today is no exception. A female rapper by the name of Liv, claimed that Jay Z cornered her on the set of a commercial shoot in Miami and asked her for her number. Liv says she declined his advances out of respect for Bey. Apparently Solange saw them and grew angry.

“This mag got the story 100% correct 👌 Jay and I met on the set of a commercial…. He fell heads over heels for me but I chose not to pursue him out of respect for Bey….,” Liv posted on Instagram. “Not too many women show each other that kind of honor…. So no, I did not sleep WITH JAY Z…. But YEs, I could have 💯 #RespectMyHustle#REALwomanSHIT#lifeandstylemagazine.”

Life & Style published the blurb in their issue that features Liv and two other women’s encounter with the “Drunk In Love” rapper. The cover reads “Beyonce Faces All The Claims Destroyed By His Cheating.” This is all speculation of course, but we have a feeling there’s some truth to the gossip… If a man will cheat on Beyonce, there’s just no hope for the rest of us.


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