French Montana Responds To Tichina Arnold

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Poor French Montana, he was a fan of “Martin” just like the rest of us…

In case you’ve been under a rock, or avoiding social media because your ex requested you on Instagram, you may have missed the viral beef between French Montana and “Martin” star Tichina Arnold. We know what you’re thinking. How the h*ll did they start beefing? Well, French Montana posted a meme of Tichina Arnold’s “bee-dee-bees” (a photo that happened to be floating around Instagram for weeks) that sent Arnold into an uproar.

She responded to his insult in a long Instagram post that pretty much ripped apart his existence. Taken aback by her verbose response, French regrouped then replied,  “I didn’t make this picture I just reposted it like a million other people, don’t use me to plug your charity I use to be a fan Pam. I was shocked to see this pic iam not disrespecting you stay blessed.”

As much as we love Pam…excuse us, Tichina Arnold. We agree with French. She totally overreacted and while it was almost as good of a read as Phaedra’s on the “RHOA” reunion, it was just unnecessary.

In related unnecessary news, T-Boz’s daughter responded to the controversy between her mother and Rihanna.


Everyone have a seat on this glorious Tuesday!

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