Antoine Dodson Has The “Gay Cure”

Don’t want to be a homosexual? Call Antoine Dodson! Yes, that’s what we said. (Pause for reaction.)

Antoine Dodson, famous for his “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” news appearance, turned his gay lifestyle around after he decided he just didn’t want to be gay anymore. Because, you know, that’s all it really takes.  Uh, yeah. According to Dodson, he took out his luxurious weave, “manned up” and now has a baby proving his new heterosexuality. And now he has some advice for his new baby boy.

“I wouldn’t be shocked because I lived that life before,” he said. “I would try and get him help.” He added, “Even if he couldn’t be fixed it doesn’t matter because I still support him no matter what.”

No words.

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