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Are you looking for love, but find yourself bored by all the typical dates featuring dinner and a movie, bowling, long walks and other cliche activities? And are you adventurous, always seeking the next adrenaline rush? Then this site, is for you! It’s less of a dating site and more of a community of thrill-seekers who want to break out of their comfort zone and meet other amazing singles.

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Imagine the impact of living in complete joy of a thrilling moment and looking over to see the smile of a beautiful man who’s also carpe dieming. (I know that’s not the word). The connection and the genuine joy is the perfect formula for a joyful and loving relationship to develop and blossom.

From the site:

“The league is about kicking fear to the curb and getting passionate about life! Doing what you love. Trying new things. Having a sh*t-ton of fun. And surrounding yourself with amazing people who are doing the same thing. Because when people get out of their comfort zone they become happier and more confident. The happier, the more confident and more outgoing you are, the more amazing people are attracted to you!”

So here’s how it works. Once you sign up for the site ($35/a month for three months or $25/a month for six months), you’re given the group privileges, which are:

Genius calls: Once a month chats, where the site’s owner, Kira Sabin, chats with amazing life coaches who give advice on kicking fear to the curb.

Secret Society: Access to the member Facebook page, where you can share photos of your experience and see how others have embraced the challenges.

Q&A with Kira: A monthly call with Kira on various topics that are plaguing your life.

Challenges & Inspirations: Texts with challenges that push you and questions to make you think and self-reflect.

Scavenger Hunts: A monthly four-day hunt that will challenge you out of your comfort zone. There are ridiculous prizes and a chance to compete against other members, but share in outrageous experiences.

Online & Offline Events: There’s online dinner and movie dates, champagne chats and a lost of offline hunts and meetups.

Trapper Keeper: Bi-weekly emails filled with pep talks, madlibs, downloads, videos, playlists and more to help lift you up.

Surprises & Giveaways: Just wait and see what Kira has up her sleeves for you!


Sign up if…:


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