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Memorial Day weekend didn’t disappoint. After enjoying slightly charred BBQ and countless selfies of people at the beach on Instagram, I was super excited to come home (bathe) and catch up with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Last week, we left off with Karlie Redd attempting to molly-wop Yung Joc’s side chick, Khadiyah, with her Gucci bag.

And last night’s episode picked up precisely where the bag hits Khadiyah arm and an awkward round-about fight ensues. Karlie is swinging around a security guard with her back turned and it looks like she’s laughing at one point. It’s really weird. In case you missed it, Khadiyah admitted to sleeping with Joc every night. When Joc came back from “checking out the sound system,” he made the most obvious statement of all time. “This may be the dumbest sh*t I ever did.” Ya think?

After settling down, Karlie stole Joc’s ride left him shaking his Gumbi cut in her dust. Can’t say I believe the drama, but it makes for great TV. I actually like Joc and Karlie this season. He’s funny.

Karlie met up with Rasheeda and Erica Dixon, later in the episode, to tell the girls what happened.

Rasheeda had it made up in her mind that she was going to confront the toothpick, Jasmine (who he met at the bar and brought home to be a “nanny”). Rasheeda wasted no time in asking the petite waitress if she had indulged in any inappropriate activity with her husband and she said “No.” Rasheeda seemed pleased with her response, but wanted to know what Kirk told Jasmine about their relationship. Turns out, Kirk told Jasmine he was separated. Why would he need to lie if he wasn’t trying to hit it? Hmm…sounds shady boots to me!

Moving on…

Joseline Hernandez was so excited about her Hip Hop Weekly spread that she enlisted the help of Waka Flocka’s fiance (now wife) Tammy. Tammy “wholeheartedly” volunteered to help but found Joseline a bit rude when she kept throwing little jabs at her about her wedding ring and wedding date. The Puerto Rican princess even offered her advice from the perspective of a wife. I love Joseline, but Chile please. Tammy brushed it off but felt uncomfortable when Joseline and her style clashed. If you couldn’t guess by Joseline’s history, she likes to wear her a** and boobs out. In Joseline’s mind, the more a** the better… Tammy thought Jos should go for a more high-fashion look, but Jos wasn’t trying to hear it and swore off Tammy’s advice.

Later in the show, Tammy sat down with Mimi and Dawn and kinda let the cat out of the bag that she was getting a spread in Hip Hop Weekly. Mimi and Dawn used it in their “bring down Joseline and Stevie” plot. They met up with Benzino, demanding he print a retraction on one of their biggest selling issues (the one with Stevie and Joseline’s marriage on the cover) because it was a lie. I’m actually getting very tired of Mimi and Dawn. Is this going to be their storyline for the entire show? Chasing down Joseline and Stevie’s court documents? Blah. Benzino confronted the Jordan’s about it and Stevie reassured his friend and business partner that they’re all good.

Meanwhile…Scrappy was preparing for his 30th birthday party. After the devastating news that Bambi had lost their baby, he confided in old Erica Pinkett for some womanly advice. Yeah, the same Erica who tried to sleep with him earlier in the season. Men are so dumb. Scrappy was surprised when he realized that Erica wasn’t going to give him the words of encouragement he was looking for. Finally, it came down to his birthday party where Erica and Bambi met for the first time. It didn’t go so well. Erica gave “her condolences” to Bambi. You may be thinking, how sweet. But no, she was being shady. Who the hell talks about a miscarriage at the club? Bambi caught on to Erica’s shade and questioned why she knew her business in the first place. Before she got the chance to answer, Bambi proceeded punched her in the face. The fight was broken up before anyone got dragged and Erica was ushered out of the club. The party went on without her, but that won’t be the last of their feud.

What did you think of last night’s episode?


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