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If the last time you rode a bike was when you were a bite sized beauty and popping wheelies was considered the highlight of your day, then you are missing out sis! Last year I traded my New York city MetroCard in for two wheels and not only have I been able to stash extra cash, but my workout regimen has never been more fun. See why biking to the boardroom is a RAD way to sweat then find how to find the best pair of “hot wheels” for you!

Ride For Your Life

This may go without saying, but beyond the money you’ll save, cycling is great exercise that can easily boost your overall health, physique, and well-being. The daily recommendation for exercise for adults is 30 minutes, so unless you are riding across the street to work or to get your groceries, you can easily meet (if not beat) this number, lady. If you’ve been too busy to workout this is a way to work it into your schedule and help meet those summer goals!  

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Come On, Get Happy!

Exercise endorphins are potent mood lifters. A single session — as short as 20 minutes — can boost spirits for up to 12 hours. Biking to work can give you a boost to start the day on a positive note and help you decompress on the way home after a hard day. 

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Pay Car Insurance For What?

More and more people are trading in the high costs of vehicles for commuter bicycles. To make the transition, you’ll want to equip yourself with the best commuter bike and gear you can afford, just as you would a car, truck, or other four-wheeled vehicle. However if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and get a set of two wheels for your self, then test the terrain within a bike share program – various major cities nationwide offer this option. 

Where Will You Be Popping Wheelies At?

Before you drop some dough on some new hot wheels the first thing you want to consider is where you will be spending most of your time pedaling. Different terrains require different wheels, power, speeds etc. For instance if you will be pumping up many hills daily then I would leave the “fixed gear” bikes at the store and instead opt for either a “mountain bike” or “hybrid (combo of a “road” and a “mountain”) bike.”

To And Fro, How Far Will You Go?

Now that you know more about the terrain, the next thing you are going to want to consider is how far your commute will be day-to-day. “Road” bikes can go super fast, however since the tires are thinner they are also susceptible to flats. But if speed is not your issue and you are down to cruise then a “fixed gear” or “hybrid” bike would suit you just fine. 

Biker Babes v. Rookie Riders

“It’s just like riding a bike,” is a popular cliché simply because – once you learn how – biking is easy. However just because a bike looks fancy doesn’t mean it is one size ride all. “Road” bikes are best for experienced riders, while an “electric” bike is perfect for a newbie (less fit) rider – since it is literally motor driven. 

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