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We were first introduced to Mimi Faust when she and then boyfriend Stevie J. debuted their relationship on VH1’s spin-off show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” With the help of a lovely lady by the name of Joseline Hernandez, their storyline drove ratings through the roof. We’ve been locked in ever since.

Fast forward a few seasons and Mimi found someone new. Nikko London. Earlier this month she and Nikko released a sex tape that added a new level of fame to her resume. Mimi’s storyline is the crux of “LHHATL” again. Last night, the season premiered and Nikko broke the news to Mimi that their private romp was in the hands of Vivid Entertainment owner Steve Hirsh. Mimi told us that she had a decision to make, release the tape and benefit financially or let the tape leak and let shower rod sales benefit.

She made a business decision. We chatted with Mimi about her porn debut and she made it clear that she isn’t a porn star, why she’s stayed off social media and how she plans on explaining the home video to her daughter when the time comes.

HelloBeautiful: How did the sex tape get released?

Mimi Faust: Nikko and I, had filmed ourselves a couple of times just because we like to watch the tapes back. We were on vacation last August. We went to the Bahamas and on the way back, we checked both of the bags and only one bag came back when we returned to Atlanta. Somewhere in the airport, the bag was stolen had the contents in it. That’s how the tape got out to the world in the first place. After that, I got a phone call from Vivid and he told me ‘I have a copy of your tape, I’m gonna talk to you about it.’ He flew us out to L.A. and we had to make a decision at that point what we wanted to do. He made it clear that he could have it, someone else could have it, we just didn’t know. We could either let this tape go around the world for free or we could have the tape out there and get paid for it. So, we decided to do business.

HB: So, you made the decision once it was out?

MF: Correct. Absolutely.

HB: Were you embarrassed at all?

 MF: I don’t feel like I did anything wrong. I don’t feel like it was raunchy or gross or vulgar. When I saw it, I thought it was pretty passionate, actually. They clowned me today on The Breakfast Club, saying that I need lessons in being a porn star. But, I’m not a porn star, that wasn’t my intent behind it. That’s not what we do. I wasn’t embarrassed.

HB: How do you feel when people say that you purposely made this tape?

MF: They don’t know. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion and they’re gonna think that because they’re gonna think that. I can’t be concerned about what someone else thinks. I know what I did and I know how it happened. It doesn’t really bother me. I know what happened.

HB: What was going on through your mind on camera when he told you your bags were stolen?

MF: If you can imagine being hit by a train, that’s what it was like. It’s kind of like when you have sex for the first time and you wind up pregnant, kind of like that. Something that you can’t take back and it’s not going away.

HB: How much money are you making off of this tape?

MF: A lot and I think I have money for the rest of my life. Anytime someone downloads that tape, I get paid for it. Forever.

HB: Did you watch it after it came out?

MF: No. I watched it before it came out after they did all the editing and stuff, but I haven’t watched it.

HB: Do you think that was one of you and Nikko’s top romps?

MF: Absolutely not. I didn’t know which tape was in the bag or what they had and when I found out it was that one, I was like, “Oh, man.”

HB: You have to tell me about that shower rod move.

MF: Honestly, it was as simple as, we wanted to get done and we wanted to take a shower. The shower rod thing, I didn’t expect it to go that far. The bottom line with the shower rod your rod has to be able to support your weight. You can’t just get up there and swing from the shower rod and think it’s gonna hold you up. You need something to hold you up so you can hold the bar. Your guy has to hold you up while you’re holding on to the bar. It wasn’t just “let me hang from this shower rod, no.” He was supporting my weight. It was bolted into the wall, but he held me up as well.

 HB: Have you seen the vines of people trying to emulate the scene and busted their behinds?

 MF: No. I saw Kandi’s imitation, K.Michelle. It was pretty funny. It was viral and I heard they watched the clip of the trailer on “The View.”

HB: How do you feel about people calling Nikko an opportunist?

MF: Everyone has an opinion. We’re fine, I’m happy. People are gonna have their opinion and I can’t change that.

HB: Stevie was upset after he found out about the clip. How has your relationship changed since the sex tape?

 MF: It hasn’t. I wasn’t speaking to him before and I’m not speaking to him now. If it has to do with our child, we’ll speak about that, but other than that, I don’t have time for it and I want to be around positive things and that’s just not positive.

HB: How do you feel about him threatening to take your daughter?

MF: It was kind of a joke to me, considering that he has a custody case right now with two other children. No judge in their right mind would give him a child, so I just thought it was ridiculous. He just likes to run his mouth.

Has your daughter found out and if so, what has been that conversation like?

My daughter’s four and she’s all about ABCs and learning, and when my daughter does come to me and is of age and asks me about it, I will sit her down and explain it to her like how I would have to explain everything else to my daughter and that’s just what it is. I’m gonna raise her to be the best person she can possibly be and I talk to her straight up, I don’t sugar coat anything. I will explain to her what happened, how it happened and why and mommy made the decision to do it. I will have that conversation with her when the time is right and she comes to me with it.

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