If You Are A Top Heavy Tenderoni

To all my voluptuous ladies the key is to flatter not hide your bountiful bosom. First stop: the perfect sports bra. The structure of the Panache Underwire Sports Bra is supportive yet not restricting, so if you are looking for comfort and control then this bra is for you. For your top layer go for loose (not baggy) tops such as the Champion Balance™ Two-Layer Women’s Tank. This affordable yet fashionable find is perfect for larger busts because it has two layers that help cover up, without being too baggy. 

Now to your “ass-set” – your lower body. Have fun here! I love the Blossoms Be Free Knicker from Athleta. While a pumped-up version of black is shown here, definitely don’t be afraid to go crazy with color. A bright or print bottom will pull focus from your chest to your chiseled legs, so play with prints this season and enjoy!

Quick Tips:

Down below think…

Prints and bright colors.

The bolder the better.

Up top think…

Supportive yet sexy.

Loose not baggy.

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