My cousin Jason set up Patricia and me. It was a blind date, which I usually hate, but I figured, since it was my cousin, I could trust him. He called me out the blue one day and asked me if I was dating, and he basically forced Patricia on me! Later that same day, he gave me Patricia’s Facebook page so I can see her and have an idea of how this mystery woman looked. When I saw her picture, I immediately got excited and thought, this girl is beautiful and just what I was looking for!  Yes, I know, shallow of me. It’s like, how could she be the one and I know nothing about her? But, it encouraged me to ask my cousin for her phone number and call her. I met her two nights later in front of a lounge. My first impression of her was “Wow, I like her style.” She was straightforward and I loved that. Her first words to me were “You’re short,” so I replied, “You’re tall,” and we laughed. Thereafter, we exchanged a few words. I knew from there I had to make her my girlfriend.

Dating Patricia was an amazing, fun adventure. We truly are best friends and that’s what I love the most.  I have the most fun around her and I can always just be myself with her. We are very easy going around each other and we are always laughing. That’s what I love the most about our relationship and why we are where we are today.


Now on to the good stuff—popping the big question! That was an adventure in itself. The day that I proposed to her was a headache. I tried to plan it as our regular date night ritual with us going to our favorite fondue restaurant in the city. I usually give suggestions on where to go for dinner, but in the end, Patricia always chooses. However, that day, she didn’t choose and that made me think she was on to me. In any event, I chose a restaurant where we both had never been. On our way there, I was so nervous and excited. I just kept thinking, she has no clue of what is going to happen tonight. The night went on and, by time we got to the fondue restaurant, it seemed like something was on her mind. I could tell she was WAITING for this proposal so, I told her it wasn’t happening tonight. By that time, I had already given our waitress the ring to bring out with our fruit platter. When I saw the waitress coming, I asked her, “Wouldn’t this be the perfect night for me to propose?” and she said, “Hell yes,” slightly annoyed. Then, I turned the platter to show her the ring. When she saw the ring, she started to cry and at that point I was the happiest man in the world!

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