Nikko Drops ‘Shower Rod’ Single

Sigh. We knew it was coming. “Love & Hip Hop” wanna-be star Nikko Smith just dropped his new single “Shower Rod” and we’re like we’ll check out the sex tape, but we didn’t sign up to hear his music. On second thought, will his music be playing during the full “Mimi & Nikko Scandal In Atlanta” video?

Last night, while perusing through WSHH, we came across Nikko’s song (that has over 1 million views) and gave it a listen only to find that the visuals used were new scenes from their sex tape. By the time we were one minute in, we had totally forgotten we were listening to Nikko’s attempt at a music career. Shower rods are having the best week ever, according to reports the demand for sturdier rods has risen.

Way to get us to listen to your music Nikko. It still sucks. *no pun intended* Mimi and Nikko were spotted leaving the airport and had little to say about the recent shortage of shower rods in home development stores.

In other Mimi & Nikko news, the couple were spotted having a good time at the club while paparazzi swarmed their section.

Listen (and watch) to “Shower Rod,” here.

They’re certainly enjoying their fame!

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