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Muadi Mukenge, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a leader in the movement of defending women’s rights in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her background in women’s health, African politics and economic development in Africa plays a major role in her current work with enhancing women’s rights and ending sexual violence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since joining Global the Fund, Mukenge, who serves as Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, has increased support in economic policy advocacy, empowerment of rural women and expanded grants to French-speaking countries.

Mukenge complements her job at the Global Fund by volunteer work focused on African immigrant rights, foreign policy toward Africa, and promotion of human rights in the Congo. She is on the Boards of Priority Africa Network, New Field Foundation, and the African Studies Association.

GET INVOLVED: Global Fund calls on interested parties to host house parties where like-minded people can exchange ideas and strategize; you can also attend events and donate money. Visit to get started.



Kenyan-born Ory Okolloh grew up poor but credits her parents’ determination to make sure she got a good education to setting the foundation of her career as an activist, lawyer, ex-Google Policy Manager in Africa, and an all-around influential woman. Following post-election violence in Kenya, in 2007, Okolloh helped to create Ushahidi (Swahili for “witness”), a mobile information site that combines mapping with user-generated eyewitness reports that tracks incidents of deaths, rape, rioting and looting from concerned Kenyans. That technology, now used in other countries, has since been adapted for other purposes like monitoring elections and tracking pharmaceutical availability.

Okolloh has a personal blog, Kenyan Pundit, where she doesn’t hold back about issues related to Kenyan society and the pan-African community at large. She is currently the Director of Investments of Omidyar Network’s Government Transparency Initiative in Africa, an organization that invests in for-profit and nonprofit organizations geared toward increasing government transparency and accountability yet her most important job is that of being a mother to three girls whom she declares, “will run the world.”

GET INVOLVED: You can create a free account at Ushahidi and start contributing.




Emira Woods brings her expertise on U.S. foreign policy with a special emphasis on Africa and the developing world, as co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus. She leads a network of over 650 policy analysts and advocates who seek to make the United States a more responsible world leader by focusing on advancing citizen-based foreign policy agenda.

Woods focuses on a myriad of topics like African unity (OAU), debt relief, democratization, international gender issues and more. She is currently chair of the  Board of Africa Action, sits on the Board of Directors of Global Justice, serves on the advisory committee of the Zimbabwe Alliance as well as the humanity United/TrustAfrica Liberia program and is a member of the Network Council of Jubilee USA.

She also appears as a regular commentator on CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera.

GET INVOLVED: The Foreign Policy in Focus welcomes donations. Visit for more information.

The Zimbabwe Alliance encourages funders in any financial bracket to donate or participate in potential partnerships. Visit Zimbabwe and apply for more information.



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