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As young girls we were taught about social and behavioral norms and traditional gender roles right along with our ABCs. According to many of those verbal hand-me-downs, a man is supposed to be a provider (“bringing home the bacon”) and a woman’s job is to be a homemaker and bear children. How archaic….  Modern times reflect a different attitude as women have embraced independence.

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The debate about traditional versus non-traditional gender roles is an ever progressive discussion. With more women becoming the matriarchs of their family and men embracing roles in the home, we discussed the topic with odd couple Yung Joc and June Ambrose, who offered their insight on the matter.

HelloBeautiful: Is it important for the man to be the breadwinner in the household?

Yung Joc:  I don’t know. In this day and age, things have changed so much but a lot of things are very, very much still the same. I just think that it depends on the man. If you have a man who’s not ego-driven, then it doesn’t matter who’s the breadwinner in the relationship. Let’s say what I do wasn’t making me a living and my chick come in, I’m a hustler. I’m gonna take her money and double, triple that sh*t. So, that makes her the breadwinner, that make me the breadwinner. I believe in growing your money, so if I get a dollar in and I spend that dollar, it’s gone. It’s gone forever. Now, if my woman could bring a dollar home and I turn that dollar to five, I’m that guy. So, I believe in growing the money and that says a lot; then the question is more important for the man to be the breadwinner or the woman. I think as long as you two as a union understand what you have, and y’all have goals you’re trying to accomplish, who gives a f*ck who’s the breadwinner? As long as y’all are happy and making progress.

June Ambrose: I think he’s a perfect partner in a way that he’s involved in building my brand because he’s also my manager. He looks at me as “this is what we’re working towards.” I don’t own you, I share you. Some days it’s hard. I’m not gonna say it’s perfect. At the end of the day, if we didn’t have a friendship, I don’t know. It takes work, we work at it everyday. But, when we look at our kids, its helps that we kind of understand the common interests and know that our goals are really being developed in the two amazing individuals we’re raising.

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