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Drama just keeps finding Kobe Byrant.  According to bossip.com, Kobe’s teammates are going in on Kobe and his wife Vanessa.

Kobe and wife sued by ex-maid.

Here’s the latest:

A Laker insider reports: The reason the Lakers struggled to beat the Nuggets is because Kobe was pissed at half the team for blogging about his wife. Some of the Lakers were talking about blogging on sportshate.com and Kobe said he doesn’t read the stuff. The other members of the team were saying their usernames and Kobe went on the site and figured out they were calling him a ball hog and even worse, TALKING ABOUT HIS WIFE and the maid scandal.

Check out the posts below:

Damn, Kobe always seems to find a way to piss off his teammates, no matter what team he plays for.

Trina says she slept with Kobe.

Check out our Kobe and Vanessa gallery below:

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