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A ridiculous 19-year-old and her equally ridiculous friend took to Twitter, smeared brown paint all over their faces in a lame attempt to to “officially” be “apart” of “Black Twitter.” What these two ignorant teens don’t realize is that Black Twitter is a not a joke. There may have been a plethora of hilarious hashtags spawned from it, like, #MamaSpike or #PaulaDeensBestDishes, but the purpose of Black Twitter is a mouthpiece of Black culture; allowing us to have an instant voice to weigh in on the news that effects us directly. And that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

When I tell you that I am beyond tired of racist White people thinking that painting their faces Black is some kind of comedic relief; it’s an understatement. Honestly, what can you expect of someone who uses “apart” when they mean “a part?” Ignorance and ignorance alone.

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Sara, the teenager who decided to tweet the photo of herself and her friend in Blackface has since deleted her Twitter page, possibly from all the backlash after she boldly broadcasted her racism. But when I Googled her Twitter handle, I saw this result:

“Actin’ real rude” you say, Sara? I’d say that was pretty much accurate. This clueless teenager couldn’t have possibly thought that this would grant her entrance into the growing online force known as Black Twitter. When Sara shared her ignorant tweet, she wasn’t educated on the sheer power of Black Twitter.

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Black Twitter is more than a pop culture phenomenon for racist White teenagers in Blackface to parody. Black Twitter is a new age freedom. President Obama’s healthcare reform, Black Twitter’s on it, spreading education and information. Reality TV shows that plan to showcase a Black man and his staggering number of children and baby mommas? Black Twitter attacked and managed to get that show shut down.Or the overzealous neighborhood watchman’s (who I still refuse to name) whack attempt at staying relevant by attempting to organize “celebrity boxing” matches. Black Twitter shut that down too. There is very real activism in Black Twitter. For far too long, Black people have been voiceless. The Internet gives everyone, not just Blacks, a forum to speak our minds and it’s no surprise that something so powerful, like Black Twitter, was birthed from that freedom.

“Black Twitter brings the fullness of black humanity into the social network and that is why it has become so fascinating,” said Kimberly C. Ellis (aka @drgoddess on Twitter) who has a doctorate in American and Africana Studies, and is currently researching for her upcoming book, “The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter.” Ellis makes a great point on displaying the parallel between Black Twitter and other historical Black activist organization, like the NAACP. “Ask the NAACP how long it would have taken had that been one of their initiatives,” Ellis said.

The power that Black Twitter holds is far too strong to be taken down or even effected by ignorant White teens who think Blackface is still funny. But, instead of chastising these girls (because a deleted Twitter account proves they’ve seen their fair share of backlash), I’d rather have these White girls be educated on the power of Black Twitter and why it’s a thing. Who feels me? Let’s chat! @Rhapsodani

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