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1. #MamaSpike

mama spike

The New York Knicks pulled off an impressive win against the Miami Heat last night, but Spike Lee became the focus of the game as he shouted from the side line like an angry Black mama. Well, Black Twitter got a hold of this photo, from the game, and turned Spike into #MamaSpike. Since we can’t stop laughing, we’ve compiled the funniest (and most cliche) Black mama lines that we know all too well!

2. #MamaSpike

spike lee

There was only $.50 left…

3. #MamaSpike

Mom, we had meatloaf last night…

4. #MamaSpike

*Walks away slowly*

5. #MamaSpike

How do you know it’s my girlfriend?

6. #MamaSpike

Even to use the bathroom?

7. #MamaSpike

Mom, McDonald’s is not a luxury.

8. #MamaSpike

Reynaldo’s mom is the best.

9. #MamaSpike

Because why?

10. #MamaSpike

Can we get name brand cereal?

11. #MamaSpike

If “stories” were as good as “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” we wouldn’t want to be bothered either.

12. #MamaSpike

Get popped if you want to!

13. #MamaSpike

The summer is coming. Sad face.

14. #MamaSpike

Don’t embarrass me mom!

15. #MamaSpike

This is just accurate.

16. #MamaSpike

Take off your damn school clothes!

17. Diary Of A Mad Black Spike Woman


Starring #MamaSpike

18. #MamaSpike

“You’re moving with your aunt and uncle in Bel-Air”

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