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The troops head off to Mexico to get away from their issues and arguments but what do you know, the drama followed them right to beach. With Porsha’s marriage and Kenya’s lack of one being topic of conversation mixed with a crew always at odds; this trip started off rocky from the jump and I am definitely scared to see how it turns out.

We started where we left a couple weeks ago with Kenya and Marlo sharing some laughs over a couple cocktails as they dish about what is going on with their friend and foe, Nene Leakes. As they discussed what happened during the Bailey Bowl the truth spills from Marlo that she was confronted via telephone by Nene, who had Cynthia on the line for moral support, about what would happen if Marlo continued to hang out with Kenya. Seriously, Nene and her anti-Marlo campaign riddled with delusion is out of control. First the blatant rudeness at Peter’s birthday party, then the yelling match at Cynthia’s game day and now this? Marlo eluded to Nene being upset about losing job on the New Normal being the reason behind all of her anger, but truthfully speaking if Nene is broken up about that, she should cry a river, cross it, and move the hell on. Attempting to ban your friend from speaking to another person? Girl, that’s high school aged petty, cut it out.

Nene is banning friendships around the city, meanwhile Peter is being Sherlock Homeboy and trying to find out the real dirt on what happened with Porsha and Kordell. Sitting down to ask Mr. Stewart the hard hitting questions we find out that Porsha’s family may have been the reason behind the demise of their marriage. Kordell told Peter that Porsha’s people would find themselves hanging out at their home in packs like wolves and that he once caught her mother enjoying a large pizza in his master suite. Based on the appearances her family have made on the show I can’t say all of this doesn’t sound true, but you know what they say there’s three sides to every story – her side, his side, and the truth. Peter left his meeting at Stewart Manor with a dossier of information and he was ready to spill it the moment he saw Porsha.

Riding to the hotel in pure ratchet style a la a stretch Hummer, Peter couldn’t wait to tell Porsha  that he had spoken to her husband. In front of everyone he spills that Kordell basically said all her claims about their marriage weren’t true. Now for a man who has had negative dealings with his own wife’s family and just got finished bellowing at his wife about having his own apartment five episodes ago, Peter is really bold for jumping in someone else’s marriage. I am confused as to why he felt so inclined to come running back to Porsha about his discoveries. As someone who has an appendage between his legs he is certainly acting like a old lady.

With Phaedra and Apollo arriving to dinner as Kenya and Peter attacked poor little tink tink about her being Kordell’s trophy wife, I was hoping Porsha would have gotten buck instead of engaging Kenya and Peter. She could have turned to Kenya simply brought up the fact she was man-less and her Gubby, Ms. Lawrence didn’t count as a plus one.  Basically, pipe down hater.

Let’s all get ready for the rumble that’s sure to come on next week’s episode. Hit me at @Hautemommie to talk Housewives and other shenanigans, see ya next week!

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