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The trailer for the new Annie made its Internet debut last week, and unfortunately, instead of praising 10-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis on her new major role, racist Twitter users attempted to upstage her shine.

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Blogger Matthew Elliot brought this ridiculousness to our attention in a recent post on Raw Story. According to his article, the White Twitterverse was very upset to see America’s favorite orphan played by a cute little Black girl. Forget the fact that Quvenzhané made history as the Oscars’ youngest Best Actress nominee ever last year; she’s still Black and they’re not happy about it.

“I don’t like this remake of Annie. There can’t be a black Annie,” one user tweeted.

“They’re redoing the Annie movie and making the little girl black. The f**k gonna be going on next? A black snow white????” another user questioned.

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To make matters worse, a few racists refused to admit they were, in fact, racist.

“Black Annie…? No… Annie always will be and always should be a ginger! #notracist just traditional,” a “non-racist” wrote.

“Annie is a classic and Annie is white with red curly. Nothing wrong with dark skinned people it’s just not Annie,” another added.

And possibly the worst of all…

We don’t understand how people can post such hateful comments about a young and talented girl, but in response, we’ll just smile and say DEAL WITH IT.


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