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Nicki Minaj’s cover art to her latest single “Lookin A** N*gga” is sparking outrage after the Young Money rapper superimposed her name and the song title of the new track above the iconic photo of Malcolm X holding a M1 carbine while gazing out his window, that was first published in Ebony magazine in 1964.

The picture illustrates the length to which X went to protect himself and his family against the many death threats he received after leaving the nation of Islam. He was assassinated one year later. The idea that Nicki juxtaposed the phrase “Lookin a** N*gga” above the civil rights leader’s image is just ridiculous and has critics up in arms.

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Malcolm X was a courageous human rights activist and led the progressive movement for an entire race of people. He openly challenged White America for their harsh treatment of African- Americans. In no way, shape, fashion or form was he a “Lookin A** N*gga,” the type of man who shares one bottle in the club with his friends or stares are her enhanced a**, as Nicki defined on the diss track.

Some argue that Nicki was not suggesting that Malcolm X is a “Lookin A** N*gga,” but used the image to portray a character who is out to defend herself like the final scene of her video where she unloads rounds of ammunition using a similar firearm. Whichever theory you believe, people are uncomfortable with the entire concept. Not to mention, it’s Black History Month!

Watch the visuals for “Lookin A** N*gga” and share your thoughts about the song in our comments section? Was the cover art out of line or just art?

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