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Beyonce and President Obama have been rumored to be having an affair. I guess when Bey sang, “He Monica Lewinskied all on my blouse,” she wasn’t talking about her hubby, Jay Z! *Side Eye* Who in the world would be making this kind of bold claim? French photographer, Pascal Rostain has come out, claiming that Obama is having an affair with the “Partition” songstress in a report published by French newspaper Le Figaro on Monday. Now what in the world are we supposed to do with this type of hard-to-believe tabloid’s wet dream?

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“It’ll go out tomorrow in The Washington Post — people can’t say that it comes from the gutter press — an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé,” Rostain said, according to a HuffPost translation. But here’s the thing–Washington Post has no intention of publishing anything about an affair between President Obama and Beyonce. None at all. So…?

Usually when you want to come forward with such a sensational nugget of information about the President of the United States and one of the biggest entertainers of our time, you’d better have solid information to back it up. What did Rostain have to back up his claims? A stained dress a la Monica Lewinsky. No. Rostain told Le Figario he thinks recent footage of the Obamas shows the president becoming “a bit distant” with his wife, Michelle Obama. He then compared POTUS and FLOTUS to French President, François Hollande and his now ex-girlfriend, Valérie Trierweiler, whose breakup caused some complications for the White House ahead of Hollande’s visit to Washington this week.

“One can be the president of the biggest world power, one’s not less a man,” Rostain said. But of course Rostain didn’t stick by his ridiculous claims. According to an interview with French site,, later on the same day, Rostain made the claims, he says that he “didn’t say that at all” about Obama and Beyonce. Well, isn’t that convenient?

So here’s the thing–I went to check out La Figaro magazine and while everything on there is absolutely French, it’s not the kind of site that looks like it can be trusted anyway. And honestly if anyone is having an affair, I’m pretty sure it’s Beyonce and Michelle Obama. Those two love one another. It started when Beyonce sang “At Last” at President Obama’s very first inauguration in 2009 and then things got serious when Beyonce wrote Michelle a letter later that year. From there Michelle Obama thanked Beyonce on Twitter for the world to witness their love and called her a role model. Oh and then there was that poem that Beyonce wrote for Michelle. And let’s not forget Michelle Obama telling People magazine, “Gosh. If I had some gift, I’d be Beyonce.”

So if you really want to talk a “Scandal-“esque love affair, we can.

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