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The controversial “celebrity Boxing MatchGeorge Zimmerman was hoping to take part in has now officially been cancelled. Good. From the first mention of the now infamous overzealous, self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman linking up with Celebrity Boxing CEO, Damon Feldman, I was disgusted. These two were attempting to organize a match against Zimmerman with any willing celebrity participant. Out of sheer anger against the murderer’s audacity to place himself in a ring, after his “fight” with unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin left him in an undeserved spotlight and Martin in an undeserved grave, a few celebrities stepped up to the plate–pro wrestler, Chyna, rappers The Game and DMX as well. Zimmerman accepted the fight against DMX, but after heavy criticism for even wanting to organize this March 1st fight, Feldman has decided to pull out, apologize and has even tweeted that he’s DONE with Zimmerman!

Feldman started tweeting his regrets on February 6, saying, “A lot of thinking to do this weekend.” That soul-searching of Feldman’s made him see the error in his ways for organizing a fight with Zimmerman. He told his followers that he’d be holding a press conference on Tues., February 11 and even sent them to his personal website to have them express why they think he made a “mistake” with the Zimmerman fight.
I’m gad the fight is cancelled. Admittedly, I wanted (and I still want) Zimmerman to feel the pain he’s begging for. I’d like to believe the guilt of taking Trayvon Martin’s life is eating away at him and he wants to feel pain. I find it very strange that now, after he’s been made a free man, he’s admitted to have boxing as a hobby. This means that this man knows how to fight. SMH. He was fighting a teenager for his life…right.

I’m not so sure what Feldman thought this fight was a good idea in the first place. I’m sure it had a lot to do with the amount of money this spectacle would bring in. Supposedly, it was for charity. But Feldman never shied away from the entertainment platform he stood on. Feldman tweeted, “I don’t want anyone thinking I’m making a mockery out of the tragedy. It’s entertainment.” Sure–but it shouldn’t be at the hands of a slain teenager. I appreciate Feldman for wanting to do better. We all get the change to learn from our mistakes.

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