travel-black-woman-carOur minds are often occupied by our experience–what we’re going to eat, what activities we’re going to do and how long should we lounge by the pool. However, there are other things we should be concerning ourselves with when we travel. According to the United States Department of Transportation, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to be away from home.

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Everyone assumes or maybe just hopes that they will be safe throughout their trip, but sh*t happens. Sometimes we’re left dealing with emergencies that we wish didn’t happen. But just in case you’re faced with an emergency the next time you travel, you’ll be prepared if you use these tips:

1. Give your loved ones your emergency contact information.

91 percent of adults in the U.S. own a cell phone, according to a June 2013 Pew Research Center study. Of those cell phone owners, 74 percent of them use their phone in an emergency to get help. You need to know if an emergency situation arises while you’re traveling, make sure people know how to reach you. Give your loved ones your UrgentCall phone number, so you never miss a call again. The emergency service mobile app will ensure that you’re only receiving an emergency call and your phone will not stop ringing until you answer the call.

2. Carry your health insurance card.

3. Setup and have Medevac insurance.

This is so you can get airlifted to a medical center that can provide proper medical care. Not having this can be costly. Medevac insurance can provide around $500K-$1MM of coverage. That’s saving quite a bit of money!

4. Leave copies of your plans with someone at home and tell someone.

5. Carry money wisely and in multiple forms.

Don’t just carry it all in your wallet or only as a card or cash. Mix it up. Put some money in your suitcase; don’t just keep it on your person. Have a credit card on-hand for emergencies.

6. Know the lingo.

Be able to say, “I need help, Please call police” in the local language (or carry a card with the words in local script).

7. Know yourself, know your locale.

If you’re traveling abroad, know where your embassy is & how to get there. Know where the nearest hospital or police station is located.

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