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Sasheer Zamata and two new Black writers, LaKendra Tookes and Leslie Jones, made their highly anticipated debut on “Saturday Night Live” with Drake anchoring their performance and like expected, we felt the soul in skits like “Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars” and Drake’s Jewish, Black rap song that urged us to never forget that he’s well…Jewish, but his dad is black yawl (in our “CB4” voice).

SNL definitely Blackened it up: Rick Ross as a Telly Tubby, Rihanna in a “Blossom” reboot, Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel shooting up the fridge. Cue 2 Chainz in an all-White school talent show, screaming in precious White girls’ ears while his synthetic dreads are pinned in a festive style. There was even an appearance by Katt Williams (Drake donning an impressive lace front) on “Nancy Grace” at a point where we’re sure White people were like huh?!

Sasheer Zamata appeared on Kenan Thompson’s arm in one of the very first skits, but didn’t have any lines. Beginning to think we wouldn’t see her again until next week, she reappeared in the next skit as Rihanna. Again she had no lines but since she’s the only Black woman on the show, we’ll take her crotch-patting, smoke blowing impression as a blessing that Jay Pharaoh or Kenan Thompson didn’t have to wear a dress (or coolats in this case).

With an hour left to go, and many Black references probably alienating SNL’s predominately White audience, Sasheer starred in her own skit with Drake and it turned out to be one of the funnier ones of the night. We finally got to see why she was chosen out of millions of hopefuls and we think she’s adorable and will fit in well with the rest of the cast.

Though we didn’t get much of Sasheer, it’s understood that the episode was centered around Drake who put on an impressive performance, appearing in most of the skits–committing to his characters in ways most celebs fail. But, hey he’s totally an actor and was on “Degrassi.”

Furthermore, the two Black writers who were added to the production side of things made their presence felt! Sasheer added much needed diversity on the screen and we think SNL may actually be funny again!

What did you guys think of Sasheer’s debut episode? Will you be tuning in every Saturday night?

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