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You want it all. The job. The relationship. And Beyonce’s body. But you must remember that, although you can do anything, you can’t do everything. Humans, like containers, have limits. We have a fixed amount of energy and time to dedicate to anything we care about.   Oftentimes, because our to do list is already maxed out, in order to add something to our plates, the only way to make room for it is by letting other things go.

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If you have entered 2014 with a list of new goals, here are three places you can start subtracting so that you can make room for the new priorities in your life.

Stagnating Relationships

On our personal journey of self-discovery and growth, sometimes the most deadly relationships are the ones that we’ve had the longest because they may fail to allow us room to evolve. These relationships are most easily categorized by people who can “remember you when.” When you were broke. When you didn’t have big dreams. When you didn’t have that college or graduate diploma. The difficult truth is that everyone you got here with is not supposed to go with you as you make your way to the next level. If you have relationships in your life that won’t allow you to blossom into the person you believe you can be, don’t be afraid to walk away.

Painful Baggage

Getting to the top of any mountain demands strength and a light load. The higher you plan on climbing, the lighter your load needs to be. There is no doubt that, at this point in your life, you have picked up a ton of baggage along the way. But just because you’ve encountered years worth of pain, hurt and disappointment, doesn’t mean you have to welcome that baggage with you into 2014. Identify those deep pains in your life. Write them down on paper. Pray on them. Cry over them one last time. And then rip that paper up and release the scraps into the wind, along with the negative emotions associated with them.

Worthless Actions

Know that our future is determined as much by what we choose to do, as it is by what we choose not to do.  Eliminate those worthless projects, routines and behaviors that were occupying time in 2013 but have proven incapable of bearing fruit. Instead of a to-do list, create a “not-do-list” that will remind you of the things that you will no longer commit energy to, so that you have more energy to invest in the places that count.

2014 has the potential to be the best year of your life. But in order to bring on the new, you may have to create space by eliminating the old. Don’t be afraid to leave anything behind that may prevent you from getting to the top of your next mountain.

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