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When my co-worker told me about Beautiful Textures Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability System, I didn’t believe that there was anything that could get my kinky curly tresses straight without any chemicals. I’ve been natural for three years underneath my weave and wanted a change…I wanted to rock my real hair. With shrinkage reducing my natural length to a mini fro, I decided to try the system that promises impressive results without the damage associated with perming. (And trust me, I already asked if it was a texturizer and the answer is ‘No.’)

The Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability System has three easy components: shampoo, conditioner and heat and three simple steps: wash, condition and dry. My stylist, a fellow natural chick, was apprehensive about the kit’s impressive power but eager to see its results. After washing out the interactive conditioner, my hair was still as curly as when we started which was reassuring.

I braved the heat (literally) and after a few passes of her flat-iron at 400 degrees, my kinks began to straighten.

It wasn’t long before my hair had transformed into a shiny style that shocked even myself. So here’s three reasons you should try the Beautiful Textures Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability System (if you’re not yet convinced)…

  • The Beautiful Textures Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability System does not contain chemicals therefore it will not damage your natural hair or change your curl type.
  • It will remain straight for six weeks depending on the care. Since the kit is reversible, it can easily be washed out with clarifying shampoo.
  • It costs under $10

Thank you Beautiful Textures for helping me embrace my natural hair. Read more about the product, here.

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