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Season three of “Single Ladies” begins with a serious wedding crisis and a bride meltdown. Fortunately, Keshia, April and Rachel are there to the rescue. But’s who’s getting hitched, you ask? Morgan, played by actress Cassandra Freeman. The VH1 hit show has been on hiatus for a little over a year but the hotter than hot gals are back for more drama, laughs and, of course, fierce fashion looks.

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I’ve been a fan of the show from the beginning. The addition of Morgan came as a surprise because she’s nothing like any of the other ladies. Morgan is a mom of a thieving teenager (who I think is just trying to find herself) juggling real-life problems, chasing love and welcoming her new position at the boutique.

I caught up with the actress behind this lovable character, and boy is she hilarious. Cassandra she dished on whether a wedding is really happening for Morgan, what she and her character have in common, and who she would cast as her dreamy guy! Check it out.

Hello Beautiful: So about Morgan and this whole marrying a Prince situation. Do you think that Morgan is going to take the hand of this Prince? What do you think is going to happen? Can you give us a little spoiler?

Cassandra Freeman: [Laughs] What do I think is doing to happen? What I think she’s going to do is try to make the best decision for her, her child and her life. The thing about Morgan, unlike the other girls, is that her values are different because she does have a kid. Which is why I think last season the way she got down with dude wasn’t the same way the other chicks get down with their dudes. She has an example to set. She has a kid at home, she doesn’t live in a mansion like the others.

Hello Beautiful: Let’s imagine that Morgan was a little more sexually open like the other ladies on the show. If you could plan out your dream love scene, which actor do you think Morgan would love to get naughty with?

Cassandra Freeman: On the real, she’d be with William Leslie on Thursday/Friday and Ricky Whittle’s character on Sunday. The best love scene of the season and the most romantic love scene is when Ricky Whittle’s character meets Denise Vasi at a little party and they look at each other and then that music comes on “It’s just my imagination”. Oh, he’s so dreamy!

Hello Beautiful: [Laughs] How is Morgan different from Cassandra?

Cassandra Freeman: Morgan speaks her mind without necessarily thinking about how it will affect the other person. I can be blunt but my bluntness is still is in comedy. Her bluntness can actually hurt. I don’t think she really values how great she is.

Hello Beautiful: How are you and Morgan alike?

Cassandra Freeman: I think we’re both loud. It’s like you can always find me in a room like,  “What’s Up!” Morgan is really cooky and makes faces. That is totally me. You can always guarantee that I’m like the black female Jim Carey with facial expressions over here.

Hello Beautiful: What do you enjoy the most about playing Morgan?

Cassandra Freeman: Well she’s the comedy relief, I so love that. I’m a comedian at heart and that’s one of the reasons why the producers brought me in, they wanted more laughter. One of my favorite things about Morgan, and what I really loved, was it felt really natural to sort of be the new girl coming in with these girls who already have a relationship. I really loved Morgan trying to figure out: How do I find my voice with these women? I think that happens when entering a group, you’re like “ah, where’s my place in all of this?”

Hello Beautiful: What do you like least about playing Morgan?

Cassandra Freeman: That she doesn’t get any love scenes! [Laughs] She didn’t get one. I think I got a scene kissing a cop, that’s about it. I don’t get any steamy love scenes. I don’t get any “Oh, I’m just in my bra and panties” scenes. It’s not like I want to be in my bra and panties, but you know.

Hello Beautiful: In real life, are you single? Taken? What’s going on in your personal life?

Cassandra Freeman: I mean… am I single? I mean, what is single? Am I married? [Laughs] I should say I have… you know here’s the answer to that. I feel like every time I tell someone I’m in a relationship it totally jinx the relationship.

Hello Beautiful: So for Cassandra, what actor would you get naughty with?

Cassandra Freeman: What?! You know we actually will bump into each other, whoever I say! Right?! Oh my Gosh! Oh my goodness! It just changed recently. So here’s the thing, I think it would be a combination of men. It would be someone with the ambition of a Cory Booker with a mixture of Idris Elba. It doesn’t have to be Idris Elba, it can also be like a Boris Kodjoe, Michael Ealy look. You know I’m open minded with the packages. I want that package but with a Cory Booker heart. Cory Booker is going to read this and be like “What the hell?! What’s wrong with me?!” Nothing Cory! Cory you’re sexy too Cory!

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