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Well, ‘ello Idris!

Last night the actor had Twitter hot and bothered when he posted a random Tweet of himself dressed up in a suit and bow tie on his way to the Palms Springs Film Festival.  But it wasn’t just his good looks that sent social media into a tizzy! He Tweeted:

*clutches pearls and pauses to collect self*

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While Twitter didn’t have the answers, there were plenty of responses! The Tweet garnered 5,833 retweets, 6,428 favorites — and counting — plus caused several of the ladies who caught it to fall out at the thought:

Some contemplated if the actor had been hacked (or perhaps meant to send that as a direct message to someone), but his verified account was updated on Sunday morning with a Tweet that still has his followers reacting, a hint that maybe the bold question wasn’t a dream:

Back in June 2013, journalists asked Idris about rumors that he would play the doctor in the BBC hit  “Doctor Who” and the actor replied “I’d look silly in a bow tie”….but after last night it’s safe to say a whole lot of folks would disagree.


Looks like Idris finally caught up on the frenzy he caused:

What’s your take on Idris’ Tweet that nearly broke Twitter and likely sent a spike in bow tie sales? 

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