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While conquering fears sounds extremely poetic on paper, in real life…that mess is tough! Ask Sherri Shepherd. As a host of “The View,” Sherri spends most of her time debating the hottest topics all while making us giggle every morning. With so much effervescence and confidence, you would think that Sherri’s fearless. She’s not! Sherri teamed up with Get Getsy Align to inspire the world to conquer their biggest fears before Christmas.

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One of Sherri’s biggest fears is one of mine too–horseback riding. It’s just something so intimidating about those majestic creatures that just freaks me out. So when Sherri offered to help me conquer my fear, while conquering her own, I had to say yes, despite how reluctant I felt in doing so. This is all a part of Sherri’s partnership with Align–encouraging others to go to to enter the contest by submitting a “Gutsy Moment” they’d like to experience.

Check out what Sherri had to say about conquering fears and the beauty in overcoming those fears!

HelloBeautiful:What’s one of your biggest fears?

Sherri Sherpherd: My fear is riding horses, like I see it, I do it on video games and I see people do it, but I’ve never done it; just to be able to get on a horse and relax, I feel like I want to do this again and I want to expose my son to it. And I feel like if I didn’t have the guts to do it, I would never have that experience. I would spend my whole life going, ‘oh no, I’m scared of horses, get that big head away from me.’

HB: What do you think is the most important thing about challenging yourself to overcome fear?

SS: My mantra is always go towards the thing you fear because it’s always amazing on the other side and I really think it’s important because you miss out on a lot of really wonderful experiences.

HB: What is the gutsiest thing you think you’ve ever done in your life?

SS: The gutsiest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life was probably doing “Dancing With The Stars.” Dancing on live TV, in front of everybody, that’s a scary thing for me.

HB: What did you do every time you were getting ready to go out there to psych yourself out?

SS: I pretended I was telling a bedtime story to my son, but acting it out for him. That’s the only way I got through it.

HB: What inspires you to get gutsy?

SS: I know that whatever’s on the other side is bigger than my fear. The experience that I’ll have and the story that I have will be bigger than my fear, if I open myself up to the experience.

Check out more hot shots of Sherri (and me) getting “Gutsy!”:

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