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Are you tired of those boring white walls? Why not add touches of color with a few accents.

Here are some tips to help you quickly transform a drab bedroom into your ideal retreat:

Step 1:

Layer the window treatments. Curtains and drapes are an excellent and easy way to bring color into a bedroom. You can find window treatments at any discount department store, and they’re easy to make yourself. When you decorate the bedroom, increase the color impact of the window treatments by layering them. Start with something small and simple like blinds or a shade against the window. Then add sheer curtains and heavier drapes over the top. For each successive layer, install the rod a little wider and higher. Each layer can be a different hue of the same color, or they can be different coordinating colors.

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Step 2:

Coordinate the bedding. Bed linens are available in a wide range of colors to suit anyone’s decorating needs. Use everything from the sheets to the comforter to add color to your bedroom. In most bedrooms, the bed is the focal point, so dress it up with colorful linens to add a big splash of color to your room.

Step 3:

Incorporate accent pillows. They’re not just for the bed anymore. Depending on the color and style, accent pillows can be used on a bedroom chair, window seat, bench or even the dresser. Decorate with colored pillows of different shapes and sizes wherever your bedroom needs a little zest.

Step 4:

Paint a focal wall. Paint is a bit more permanent than decorating with fabric, but you can always paint over it. And it’s easier to commit to color on one focal wall than in the entire bedroom. Pick one wall and paint it a bold color. Then decorate around it, coordinating other color accents in the room.

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