As we get deeper into this season of Love & Hip Hop we’re learning just how much Erica Mena hasn’t changed, just how whipped she had Rich Dollaz and how ridiculous the Peter Gunz love triangle is. See what unfolded last night:

Amina Buddafly Is Delusional

Watching Amina Buddafly try to figure out why her husband is still spending the night at his baby’s mother house, who he was living with and dating for 13 years is just a waste of eye sight, we will never get back. It’s exhausting on an annoying level because we just don’t understand why she doesn’t get it. “I feel like I’m more serious about this marriage than he is,” she said…well no sh*t Shirlock.

On their date at the park, Amina presented Gunz with a wedding band. “Where’s the chain I’m supposed to wear it on?,” he asked before allowing her to place it on his finger. “You know wearing this is shoving it down her throat right?,” he pondered. Gunz was still talking about Tara and Amina still didn’t understand why. “You know if I wear this sh*t around her, she’s going to cut my finger off.”

Well yes.

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