Amidst the hunt for the security guard killer and the game of “Clue”: Mama Pope edition,  the associates of OPA have lost a client due to her meddling daughter who once thought she was her sister. Josie Marcus, needs Liv to work her “fix it” magic when unbeknownst to her Candice decides to take campaign matters into her own hands. By staging a robbery and accusing Governor Reston’s team of taking their computers she earns herself a visit from Harrison, and he’s using his “scary” voice. In her innocence and naivety about what running for President really involves, Senator Marcus believes the theft and is pleased when Reston is presumably caught. However in the end word leaks from Abby’s lawyer boyfriend that it was all a set up. Just like that, Josie Marcus is out of the race and President Grant is all too pleased.

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